2018 Tennessee Camp Meeting

Every year for the past 20 years, the Crossville, Nashville and Kentucky churches have organized a local Southeastern camp meeting. This year, the theme of the camp meeting was “Religious Liberty: The Great Final Test,” based on the following two of books: Christian Patriotism and The National Sunday Law (published by The Sentinel Library) both written by A. T. Jones. The theme was centered on the concept of understanding what is the Christian’s duty to God and then the duty to his or her country. Over 150 guests were present to share the wonderful blessings the Lord had prepared in this gathering. 

Thursday night, Bro. Victor Sarmiento shared an overview topic of the Christian’s loyalty throughout history.

Then on Friday, Brn. Les Bauer and Jeff Wiktorowski shared topics concerning separation of church and state, showing examples of this separation, as revealed in the Bible.

During the Sabbath, Bro. Eduardo Moreno shared a topic on how Jesus dealt with the state, and how the Lord made a distinction between His heavenly kingdom in contrast to that of this world. Christ the Savior did not get involved in any political issues or civil reforms nor did He ever attempt to interfere with those in power. His only purpose on this earth was to seek and save the lost and show the true character of God.

The local youth from Tennessee during Young Peoples’ Meeting, shared some points taken from A.T. Jones’ book The National Sunday Law. They presented the case of when that author lobbied the U.S. Congress against the proposed legislation of his day that would have forced Sunday observance upon the nation. Elder Jones gave evidence that the government has no right to wedge itself in between one’s relationship with God, and therefore cannot make laws to enforce any day of worship. The government has only the prerogative to make laws concerning men’s relationship with fellowmen—but not toward their Creator.

Brother Patrick concluded the camp meeting with a topic on how a Christian becomes a citizen in the kingdom of heaven. He explained that baptism is the way a person renounces the old life in the world and enters God’s spiritual kingdom. The question that was asked throughout the camp meeting was: Who will be able to stand before the powers of this world and testify of their faith?     

On behalf of the Crossville, Nashville and Kentucky churches, we would like to thank the Lord for allowing this camp meeting to take place and also thank our friends, visitors and members who were able to attend this inspiring spiritual gathering.

P.S. If you missed this event, just contact the Media Department to order a set of DVD’s!