Maiden Church, NC – “OFFICial Opening soon”

“I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD.” Psalms 122:1

For some time, the church brethren in Charlotte, North Carolina, have sought to build another lighthouse for the honor of God—and we truly believe that the Lord directed our path to the town of Maiden. From the first moment we saw this building, the Lord opened doors and impressed hearts, and with much prayer and self-denial on the part of the brethren, they went forward with the purchase. We truly believe that the Lord touched the seller’s heart in order for us to be able to obtain this property at a price lower than first expected.

Ever since the property was purchased, the brethren have made great efforts, investing their time and money—and we thank those also from various places who have generously contributed to help bring this project to fruition. Let us keep our brethren in Maiden in our prayers that this location may be a shining light, preparing a people for the Second Coming!


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