2018 Roanoke Canvassing Project

Have you always wanted to be a missionary for God, but didn’t know where to start? What if you could join the very frontline of the battlefield, as a soldier for Christ? Here’s your chance!

From June 1 through June 9, 2018, the Southeast United States Field will carry out an Evangelistic Canvassing Project in the city of Roanoke, Virginia, USA.

Canvassing also known as literature evangelism or colporteuring offers even the youngest youth the opportunity to actively share their faith. In this one-week Canvassing Project youth of all ages will work together, worship together, and grow together, strengthening their belief in the power of prayer and trust in God. Participants will be invigorated spiritually as they experience first-hand Divine Appointments as the Holy Spirit guides them to the doors of those who are hungering for the Truth.

“God calls the canvassers back to their work. He calls for volunteers who will put all their energies… into the work, helping wherever there is an opportunity. Who will respond to the call? Who will sacrifice ease and pleasure, and enter the places of error, superstition, and darkness, working earnestly and perseveringly, speaking the truth in simplicity, praying in faith, doing house-to-house labor?” -CM 13.1

“Those who at this time take up the canvassing work with earnestness and consecration will be greatly blessed.
You have no time to lose. Give yourselves willingly and unselfishly to the doing of this work.” CM 14.3

Each one has a special invitation from God to join Him in the greatest missionary work.

“There is no higher work than evangelistic canvassing, for it involves the performance of the highest moral duties. CM 12” 

Will you accept His call?

Must Read Material Below:
The waiver must be printed, signed and returned, or scanned, signed, and emailed for all minors – Emailed to: socialmedia@sdarmseusf.org.

Participants will be responsible for their own travel costs to and from Roanoke, Virginia.
Food and accommodation will be covered/supplied.
However, donations are excepted.

For more information, please call: +1 (360) 761-2438.

Download guidelines and waiver here: Roanoke Canvassing Project Guidelines and Waiver